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Concept About Museum Tower
The sky of Kobe The best time at the urban resort
The town in Kobe filled with exoticism, the port town, the town of fashion…
There is no end of the words express the original fascination of “KOBE” The Blaff admires the deep green and the sea sparks by illumination,
is an unique location with scenic beauty,
and has the appearance with a function of the throbbing big city,
Kobe is worthy to be called as the city of the ”Urban Resort”

The center, the best location is 9 minutes walk from Sannomiya station,
“Sannomiya Museum Tower” was born.

The best location for the access not only to domestic but also to international,
Adopted the design includes the concept of “foreign way”
It developed for the offer of the high quality residence possibly offers the enough satisfaction for the foreign affiliated experts who attach greater importance to quality.

More than half the number of all the apartments exceeds 100 m2 have the residential area, comfortable and high quality life can be experienced by opened space, high grade interior equipments and high quality service.

It is the high grade tower apartment and the temporary residence as all the apartments are the rental type residence has scarcity value is not only for Kobe but also Kanto area. It is different from long-term-possess condominium,
the biggest appeal is easy to rent as the second house or the temporary residence.
Live out “KOBE” of the attractive city lightly.

“Sannomiya Museum Tower” welcomes people understand the real fine quality with the world level residence and the service.
What is [Foreign Use]
Sannomiya Museum Tower equips the kitchen, the electrical appliances and the equipment of the international reliable foreign brand such as “Miele” “GE” “Kohler” .
Also, it assumes the foreign lifestyle like it adopted the specially ordered high inside door, the spaciously built ceiling and the master bedroom has the bathroom. The spacious foreign kitchen fits people have a lot of home party.
It starts the new life at the new place.

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